Guests information

Dear customer,
Below you will find all kinds of practical information for your stay.
Supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants and a wide range of original plans to do with your companions.

Important facts

Important phone numbers

JOOST: +34 674 300 645 [ENG/ HOLANDÉS]
BRUNO: +34 625 648 411 [CAT/ESP/ENG]
WhatsApp every day from 9.00-17.00
For emergencies, WhatsApp or call 24/7


Police (Mossos d’Escuadra)


972 410 010

Girona Tourist Office
972 22 65 75

CAP Anglès
972 42 14 98

Clínica Bofill Girona

+34 972 41 04 04
See location

Hospital Santa Caterina

+34 972 18 26 00
See location

Farmacia Bonmatí

+34 972 42 22 31
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Basic rules

Parking & cars
  • CBL has two gates to which you have just received keys. Please always lock both gates.
  • Cars may only enter the premises for loading and unloading. Otherwise, cars must be parked in the car park. Please pay attention when crossing the road!
  • A speed limit of 5 KM/H applies on the CBL premises.
  • There are many cyclists on the road around CBL during the day. At night there may be deer and wild boar, so please ride carefully and stay in your lane.
Electricity and Internet
  • When several devices are used, fuses may blow.
  • The devices must be switched off when you leave your accommodation.
  • CBL has a satellite connection to the Internet. When used by more than one person, the Internet speed may decrease.
Water and sanitation
  • The water at CBL comes from a well, so please use it sparingly.
  • Please do not drink the tap water. It can still be used for showering, brushing teeth and cooking.
  • For coffee and tea, you should use bottled water.
  • All toilets are connected to a septic tank. This means that only toilet paper can be used, please do not throw away any other care and hygiene products!
Rubbish and food
  • Rubbish must be removed by yourself. CBL has a rubbish collection point for you to deposit your rubbish.
  • Rubbish should never be stored outside the lodge, but only in the designated containers inside the lodge.
  • Do not leave open food in the lodge. Use the plastic containers.
Smoking and quiet times
  • Smoking is not permitted inside the accommodation and the restaurant. Please use the ashtrays.
  • From 11.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m. silence must be maintained so as not to disturb other guests.
Swimming pool
  • The opening hours of the swimming pool are from 9:00 to 21:00.
  • Children under 12 years of age are not allowed to enter the pool or to walk around it unaccompanied.
  • CBL accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any injuries resulting from the use of the pool.
Damage, loss and theft
  • CBL is not responsible for damage, loss and/or theft.

During your stay

Check-in / Check-out

Check – IN

WIFI : Hola
Password: 12345678.

  • Please note that you can access the facilities with your car for check-in and unloading of luggage. The reception will then guide you to the parking space.
  • At check-in you can ask reception for a hairdryer or an umbrella if you need them during your stay.


Check – OUT

Check-out time: 10.00AM
● Please remember to leave used towels on the bathroom floor.
the bathroom floor.
At check out, you will have to pay for extra services (Restaurant, Honesty Bar, wood,
extra gas cylinder, etc.)
End of stay cleaning is included, except for the kitchen area and utensils. Failure to do so will result in a penalty of 30 euros.
● Please dispose of your rubbish in the bins after your stay.
● Please remember to take all your personal belongings with you before leaving the accommodation.
● Please remember to take all your personal belongings with you before leaving the accommodation.
Before leaving, please do not forget to return the key and the door remote control. Otherwise, your credit card will be charged an amount of 35 euros.
To be taken into account
  • If you would like extra cleaning during your stay, please contact reception.
  • An extra pack of towels will be provided for stays of more than 5 days.
  • An iron, hoover, mop and first aid kit are at your disposal in the laundry room.
  • The Honesty Bar is open 24 hours a day – enjoy!
  • Gas barbecues cost €10/use. If you are planning to use one during your stay, remember to make your reservation on the barbecue registration paper which can be found at the Honesty Bar.
  • From 15 October to 15 March, use of the campfire on the grass field is allowed.
    of the grass field. You can buy the wood directly from CBL.
  • When you register, you will receive two full gas bottles for the cookers.
  • This should be enough to keep you warm during your stay, but, if you need an extra one you can contact reception and purchase one. Please remember to turn it off when you leave the accommodation.

For Can Bora Lodges, sustainable tourism means ensuring that we limit the impact of our accommodations on the environment and contribute to the local economy. Get to know the region, discover the activities available and respect the beautiful nature!


Novavenda - Bescanó
Dia - Anglès
Esclat - Girona
Condis Express Bescanó - open on Sundays


Restaurants in the area

Duc de l’Obac
Contact telephone number: +34 972 420 977
See location

Can Valls
Contact telephone number: +34 972 420 913
See location

L'Aliança d'Anglès
Contact telephone number:+34 972 420 156
See location

La República

Contact telephone number:+34 693 70 50 45
See location

Cal Mariner & Wendy's BBQ

Contact telephone number:+34 872 21 97 74
See location

Mas el Siubès
Contact telephone number:+34 972 98 01 87
See location

Restaurant Can Co absis
Contact telephone number: +34 972 422 063
See location

Restaurants in Girona

Plaça del vi 7
Contact telephone number: +34 972 215 604
See location

Contact telephone number: +34 872 010 541
See location

Contact telephone number: +34 972 218 803
See location

Fock Viu ?

Contact telephone number: +34 972 039 752
See location

Contact telephone number: +34 9720 093 33
See location

Contact telephone number: +34 972 436 383
See location

Nomo ?
Contact telephone number: +34 972 226 845
See location

Pocavergonya Bistró

Contact telephone number:+34 972 20 64 22
See location

Contact telephone number:+34 972 297 973
See location

Contact telephone number: +34 972 225 230
See location



Bicycle rental

Telephone: +34 646 027 372

See location

Donkey tour

Telephone (Paula): +34 608 20 67 06

See location


Telephone: +34 627 972 400

See location

Sailing Tour

Telephone: +34 608 871 002

See location

Massages in Can Bora

Agata whatsapp: +34 631 50 96 86

Waterfalls Gorgs Les Planes D'Hostoles
Magma Thermal Recreational Centre

Telephone: +34 972 843 535

See location

Aqua ancient baths

Telephone: +34 972 664 824

See location

Girona Axe Throwing
Bowling Espai Gironès
Telephone: +34 972 405 980

See location

Salting Girona

Telephone:+34 872 590 900

See location

Seasonal plans

Christmas market Pl. Independència?

Christmas time activity. Important: check dates.
See location

Golden Christmas Market?
Telephone: +34 972 170 013

Christmas time activity. Important: check dates.
See location

La Gran Quina de Bescanó?

Christmas time activity. Important: check dates.
See location

Living Nativity Scenes?

See location
See location
See location

White Summer☀️

Summer activity. Important: check dates.

See location

La Santa Market☀️

Summer activity. Important: check dates.

See location

Hot chocolate at Casa Cacao