Practical information

When:  March 28 to April 1, 2022
Language: Dutch 
Where: Can Bora Lodges
What: breath work, breath yoga, silent walk, cold training 
For whom: anyone who needs some rest and connection
Accommodation:  full board with vegetarian (mainly) organic cuisine
Rates: from € 950.00 based on 2 persons per Lodge 

Leisure: massages, treatments, walking, cycling on loaner bike and relaxing
Wellness: cold water bath, relaxation room, saltwater outdoor pool (sun heated) and sunbathing area
Treatments: to be booked extra: massage and possibly private breathing session or private coaching

Conscious Breathing

Do you regularly feel that your breathing is “high”, that your body is not soft and relaxed but tense and your mind is restless?

We often breathe short, high and unconsciously, with this you give your body the signal that you are in a stressful situation. This has a major impact on your mental and physical condition. With the breath it is possible to soften stored tension in the body (blockages), as it were to breathe “loose”. So that there is more space and peace in the body and stored emotions are breathed freely.

By consciously breathing you make space in your body again. You will learn to breathe to parts of your abdomen that you may not have been to in a long time. By means of different breathing techniques you come closer to your feeling.

“Feel the feeling but don’t become the emotion. Witness it. Allow it. Release it.”

This week brings you closer to yourself, your energy starts flowing again, blockages are breathed “free”. Feeling that you are alive, in every cell of your body.

Relaxing, enjoying, stillness, and a pinch of challenge and fun are the elements for this breath, yoga & ice week.

We lovingly explore the limits of your comfort zone and boost your strength and health by working with breathing techniques and cold training. Great to give this to yourself as a gift. How can you learn to listen to yourself better, by exposing yourself to the elements and going back to the power that is always inside us.

This week is for people who like to take on the challenge with themselves and at the end want to bring a toolbox with tools for more focus/flow and peace and connection. Intense experiences, tranquility and getting to know yourself are central this week.

In this special week, you will be guided on your breathing journey. This breathing journey gives you insight, deep rest and relaxation. With more knowledge and expertise about the “world of the breath” you will go home reborn. The unique location and all breathing exercises in combination with the beautiful walking and yoga sessions and healthy food and drinks contribute to a healthy reset.